last preparations, letzte Vorbereitungen, ostanie przygotowania …

First of all I would like to excuse my bad English and that I will harm this beautiful language… Moreover: because until now mostly influenced me German culture I will write the most of my articles in German. En genero you will see that the influence of difference culture I lived in, define my way of writing (with many wrong words, mixed phrases and so on) and my at the end as well my life! Nowadays we cannot say ,,I am pure Polish, German or Colombian; you are somehow hybrid of many culture influences; the way you are acting and thinking it’s not yours – your origin culture  doesn’t exist anymore – we are not pure individuals who are acting as they believe to act they act; ehh … es ist wirklich komplizert; ich greife das Thema bei der nächsten Gelegenheit wieder auf

Again sorry for that, but this is inevitable in our f*k globalized world – no thumb up for that!!!

Die Beiträge auf diesem Blog schreibe ich für meine Familie, Freunde und … hm und hoffentlich irgendwann auch für meinen Nachkommen  (der Weg ist desgraciadamente long und mit Steinen gepflastert)

The blog was created for my family, my best friends and…hopefully soon or in couple of years for my children: but the way is long and stoned;

Some posts are pretty strange, are without context, doesn’t have common thread or should be funny but they won’t; or are to complex to understand anything; My life is confusing me; This is the result of being part of many cultures?! Hm, maybe it’s good interrogation of some thesis? Anyway, who wants will read it! Sb. who doesn’t want to read anything on this blog will change to Facebook or … will go for a walk! Yeah, it’s good idea to get fill better … go out for fresh air, or open your window; or just smile, do it now! ; or give sb. ,,hug” you will just see….


Before I left Germany, I had many issues that I had to manage; apart from insurance that I had to cover, I had to polish (not in Polish but in German manner:) my room … (ein Kreuzweg mit Stolpersteinen;)) … but after about 2 days I’ve made it, and my room was clean like butt of a baby;)

For example my books, devices, dip station, domestic appliances, bicycle…or my sexy shoes:


and another lot…

Thanks Got I have best friends who helped me incredible in preparation for my journey;  were and still supporting me; Moreover they bought stuff back or just took them:) Hopefully the don’t mind that I will write their names; Thanks for everything guys: V. HB. D. L. H. and everybody who were with me until the end ehh, maybe I shouldn’t mention any name; another friends could feel hurt or neglected; ehh esto igualmente: ich liebe EUCH alle sowie so! I love u all!

Especially I want say thank you to my sisters who gave me this possibility to live in JOKO – thank you: Sch. F., C., I. M., R. you were and are part of that who and where am I, right now!


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