working out en El parque de barras …

This short article I would like to dedicate all my friends from JOKO, who I was exercising with – especially: David, Vasko,  Marcus, Bitch from Egypt:), HaeBong, Tuan, and others girls …;)

Many of my friends experienced me as, someone who was working out pretty often… As I arrived to Bogota, I took into account that it will be dificult to find some comparable place with JOKO Fitnessraum… At the beginning (first 2 weeks) I was feeling awful without sport; trying to replace this feeling by some exercises at my room – it wasn’t the same! More place and friends were asked!!! After couple of days I’ve recognized that near by the place I am living, there is a so called el parque con barras . First on one hand  I was really exited, on the other hand scared about ..hmm,  you know what I mean. Everybody (in Germany) I was talking to, were telling me, Colombia, Bogota are dangerous, etc. bla bla; f*k, stop stigmatizing Colombia, life in Bogota is similar dangerous as in, I don’t know .. in Berlin. Just stop watching lying TV and reading dishonest papers about Colombia, and come here to experience, honest, open-minded, happy and helpful people!!! … sorry, I am digressing from my main topic (but it was really important to say it!); as I said, at the beginning I was scared to go out, and work out in el parque; I thought, damn it!  it’s not a juggle;  I went there and started to do my routine; with the time more people was coming and were staring at me;) (nice feeling! maybe they were laughing at me, I didn’t mind); more and more people were coming; Normally I am talking a lot: I could stand; I started talk to the people there, who were working out; my Spanish is not amazing, but they were exited about I am trying to speak their language; they appreciated that; They asked me, where do I come from, what I am doing here, about my family, … and of course what I am thinking about girls from Columbia;) – they are certainly muy amable y maravilloso!!! Moreover we were talking about exercises, routines and general about calisthenics (this the art of sport, I am doing) since then I have a lot of  buddies who I am working out with;D… And this is the proof that sport really connect people!


3 thoughts on “working out en El parque de barras …

  1. Hola Marcin,

    thank that you think about me! I miss you in our fitness room:) Actually i try to do it in the morning very early, that what we done last year:)
    Yesterday i cooked with Yue and Arthur in the 1. floor with your pan:) We done risoto, also backed one big wiesn händeln:) Lecker:)

    I wish you God bless and many new and positive experience!
    I don`t believe to the TV…

    Have a nice time!!!
    Best greetings from Munich and JOKO!

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    1. Hey Dear Vasko,

      ush, working out is wholesome! But, now I’ve learned to consider the golden mean: means not to exaggerate with sport. I am working out now, when I have time and feeling like to do it;) thanks that can enjoy more my social life;
      I am glad that u guys still enjoying life and living in JOKO. Despite 2 months away – I am still missing u…
      Heh, I am happy that my stuff is useful for u! Enjoy it and take care Vasko, won’t forget u!
      Thanks a lot for your greetings…
      Best wishes back to you and all friends in JOKO
      PS. Vasko, richte bitte einen besonderen Gruß an die Schwestern. Vielen DAnk


  2. Hey Marcin,

    Thanks for mentioning us in ur blog… U r really missed.. Believe me or not; I do not train much ever since u have left… No motivation at all :-/

    Wish u good luck and will stay in touch!

    Remember never listen to people but to listen to ur instincts:-)


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