crazy halloween in Colombia:)

No sé donde, puedo empezar, ok I will start writing about Halloween here; how crazy la gente is here, you couldn’t imagine. Already 2-3 days or even one week before people were dressed up in costume; Zombies, Skeletors,  Spongebobs, Mariachis, Pink ladies or just ghosts u could meet everywhere! In bus, tenidas and post office; even in big companies workers were dressed up, ush – crazy! On the next day at about 5:30 in the morning people were still dancing and having party, ush!

Generally I am not/ and I wasn’t celebrating Halloween but it’s very interesting to reflect and to compare with dos cultures  I am  belong to. In Germany or in Poland por ejemplo I didn’t see any Zombie in una tenida, strange or crazy? No me importa – I am not celebrating Halloween at all; I believe that the man should be true! We are false enought! Often we are playing somebody we are not and trying to copy him; be yourself, unique and don’t reproduce social convention; It won’t get us anywhere! Be unique!!! whatever, but if la gente likes, why not:)? Some picture from Zone El Parque 93:



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