ehhh, ehrlich gesagt mag ich meinen Geburtstag nicht! Nicht weil ich älter werde – dies können wir sowieso ned vermeiden – sondern weil ich die ganze Wirrwarr um mich herum und die Aufmerksamkeit nicht ertragen kann; dafür mag ich eine stille und einsame Aufmerksamkeit; I thought, after I arrived to Bogota, nobody will know about my cumpleaños, noway; Señor google knows everything! 😉 Endonces, I could divide my Geburtstag in 3 parts:

  1. I’ve reached early in the morning GI – it was pretty calm and nobody anticipate, I could have birthday today; BUT… slowly but reliably I was starting to get messages (FB makes possible;P) with wishes from my friends from Germany (Pati i Tomek dziekuję Wam za życzenia serdecznie!!), Colombia and … hmm, I don’t know where  the rest of my buddies is living now, sorry but I was and I am really grateful for all wishes I got; you are wholesome, maravillosos und großartig gleichzeitig!So, I’ve started my day with los deseos muy amables y my wholesome breakfast:

    After my classes started part II of my amazing day.

  2. My jefe y Adriana (eine super tolle Kollegin von mir) haben mich zum Mittagessen eingeladen. Anfangs/und auch zum Schluss wollte ich überhaupt nicht eingeladen werden (I was accustomed another manner of celebrating), but then Adriana explained my that this is the part of the Colombian culture, that the person, who hast birthday will be invited to for example lunch; at this point I could reflect and compare with German meaning of ,,invitation” (won’t comment it … although I will; so, in German culture you have to take care about everything – briefly speaking ,,u are the person who is paying;)) No me importa…We were in restaurant costoso (Crapes & Waffles) en cerca de GI. Me negé a venir, pero despues dije ,,…but I will eat my own food;)”- ok they agreed on that. But during we were eating my jefe (his name is Pacho;)) and Adriana were still insisting that I should order something; I took  wholesome jugo de banana y Heidelbeeren – ush, esto fue muy rico! Shit! I’ve just recognized that I don’t have picture of that juice – amazing; normally I was taking the picture of everything; sorry, this time I forgot;*( But believe me I was indescribable delicious! Ush, sorry I didn’t mention sweet Ursula (daughter from Pacho ) dressed up as pirate:). After doing some mischief … 🙂

they were feeling like to have some dessert; again my sexy colleagues;) wanted invite me anew for ice-cream (I told them that ,,today” I am vegan;) – they didn’t believe;) But finally as seen esta postre,  I wanted really give up my vegan-day …

 it would be worth of sin;)

But it wasn’t enough…! What does birthday without cake mean?  … nothing:) So, Pacho started to talk to our waitress something in Spanish (he thought I don’t understand, … I did;)) – ehh, la gente here is maravilloso! Muchisimos gracias Pacho y Adriana por este momente, it was amazing und unforgettable!

… but still it wasn’t everything! Part 3rd por la tarde und dann por la noche begun; das Stichwort Tandem oder doch mehr?:)

3. Also, ihr kennt bestimmt mein Tandem; (kurze Rekapitulation-da ich Spanisch lernen wollte habe ich einen Aushang dafür gemacht, nach kurzer Zeit hat sich mein Engel gemeldet – sie heißt eben Angela 😉

We’ve arranged that we will celebrate our birthday together; of course, I would be Marcin, if I would have changed hundred times this appointment (first I canceled, then again conformed,… dann hat mich Angela um die Begleitung an der Hochzeit von ihrer Freundin gebeten; da ich aber keinen Anzug hatte bin ich nicht hingegangen – ich weiß, dies war ne sehr schlechte Ausrede; dann hat mein Engel geschrieben, dass  sie dorthin doch ned hingeht und sich mit mir treffen würde …; ushh I am feeling, it was my fault, she didn’t go there;/ Anyway, we’ve met at some centro comercial; I thought we will only eat something together ; BUT, she asked me to come with her to her house, where her mother and relatives were waiting for us; eh, it was to much for me; I was really overwhelmed; again culture  shock! ? I wasn’t accustomed to be invited in somebody’s house   t0 celebrate my birthday; first I didn’t want to go there, then ,,yes” then ,,no” then again ,,yes”, and finally we went there together; everything was prepared; cake and cookies she has made for me – Angela – muchisimos gracias por esta noche maravillosa! Her mother and sister with her boyfriends were already sitting and waiting for us; Her mother is sooooo wholesome women, so energetic and funny, crazy; I almost danced salsa with her;) Ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass wenn ich den Jack Daniels getrunken hätte heute ich Salsa hätte tanzen könne; (ush ein komplizierter Satz) We were talking about Columbia, Germany, Poland, cultures… and just about life; Den Abend werde ich nie vergessen und thanks Angela and her family it was wonderful and inolvidable birthday I ever had!

My friends you’ve made my day, my birthday … thanks a lot for that!

4. Mein roommates in my flat knew about my birthday as well – how did they know until now I don’t have any idea. Daniel und Camilo haben für einen sexy Kuchen mit deutschen Wein gesorgt :=) Italian Panettone couldn’t be missed.

5. As well Señor google wusste über meinen Geb. – ich will nach einem Begriff suchen und was steht da ??? ,, Happy Birthday” Thank you very much Mr. google dass du mein Datum verwendest und mich daran erinnerst dass ich Geb. habe – bitch! 🙂

My friends you’ve made my day, my birthday … thanks a lot for that! – ups I think I repeating myself;)



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