La noche en blanco oder biała noc

Wie die Kolumbianer kreativ sein können, hätte man in der Nacht während eines Events namens La noche en blanco erleben. Der Erforschung der Etymologie der Benennung (ush, zu viel Genitiv löst Magengeschwüre aus;)) habe ich mich gewidmet. Auf jeden Fall este evento consiste en muchos exposiciónes artísticos, donde la gente muestra Las Bellas Artes, … la particularidad fue, que este artes tuvieron llugar en las calles de teusaquillo (en mi barrio, donde yo vivo;). Todos de las calles fueron cerrado,…en todas partes de calles se pude caminar, encontrar mucha gente; Fui en el Parque way ( cerca a mi casa; I was deeply impressed of these artistic demonstrations; kids were painting on the street, doing graffiti, other guys  were playing music (at that moment I had to thing about u! my best DJ:)),  dancing capoeira; some of them were showed on private houses; audience were voting to most beautiful mujer del evento (Vasko you were in my mind at that moment;)); some were selling paintings in auctions; it was so cool, all families with their kids, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, dogs, cats, ect.; there were many stands with food, corns, patacones, pollos y otres dulces:) Um sich die Grandiosität der Veranstaltung vorzustellen, schaut euch paar Bilder or following video an:)

PS: I am so sorry for inverted pictures, hatte vergessen sie zu bearbeiten;)


Some short movie from that event (sorry for the quality of video … estoy pobresito y tengo solamente camera de celular:(



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