raus aus der Komfortzone … y los mejores vacaciones in Colombia;

Bogota->Santa Marta–>Tayrona—>Minca—->Palomino—–>Taganga—>Santa Marta->Bogotá

many of you guys se di cuenta, I didn’t write any posts long time; (solo) one week I had marvelous vacaciones – just came back;) and because I would like to describe my experiences in many details I will complement my post everyday with new infos;) sorry for this courier-way of writing but all together would be duro para mi…

entonces, as I said I wanted experience something más que ,,solo” Bogotá, so I decidí a viajar por una semana– una Semana Santa (I love Goethe color;); so I booked a ticket (and because my name wasn’t Marcin, if I didn’t organize sth. 5 minutes before 12 o’clock – that is why I couldn’t spend much money for ticket, so I bought a bus ticket – better for nature as by airplane)  and went on my way to … ha, dies erfahrt ihr gleich;) Ich hatte doch ein Tag für meine Vorbereitungen für die Reise; Ich begab mich also an die ,,Einkäufe” – compré una carpa, lavé mis camisetas y shorts para nadar; despues puse mi mochila y me fui al terminal de transporte; my first stop was in Santa Marta ; first I didn’t stay there a lot of time (BTW. the journey en el autobus was … horrible;// 20 hours – I couldn’t fall asleep even for an hour and even worse I didn’t feel my ass anymore;)) und ich bin sofort weiter nach amazing Parque National Tayrona gefahren; este lugar no se puede describir, fue tan maravilloso, como un placer paradisiaco; there were a lot of beaches, where you camp with your sexy carpa; en el entrada del parque (los extranjeros tienen que pagar 38.000 pesos para entrar) que se llamó El Zaíno tuve que caminar casi dos horas a mi lugar; en el camino me encontró mucha gente; no  conosco otro lugar, donde se puede tan facil establecer contactos con la gente, como en Colomobia – muy chevere!!! en el camino hize una pausa para comer y mientras estuve comiendo mi mango;) I told to some guy (später treffe ich den otra vez :D) and asked him for sth… I cannot remember for what, but after all he proved to be a German;) so I could first time since long time (2 days) speak German again;D after short small talk he continued his walk and let me finish  my comida;) so I arrived to my camping place, que se llamó Arrecifes ; bis en este momento hättet ihr bereits many pictures sehen sollen, … hm, soll ich die triste Info vorwegnehmen, … ok, on my last day of the trip I was robbed;(**** my cell phone and all my pictures are gone; ehh, it’s sooooooo sad, I was taking a lot of funny & wholesome & serious pictures, with amazing people I met and now … I cannot share it with you;******************(  ehh, es ist einfach passiert und man lebt weiter … life!, that I even though: I   looooooove it!!!! Deswegen werde ich versuchen, euch möglichst viele Details zu vermitteln; I know thousand words  won’t say what one picture could, but I will do my best:) and will link everything with webpages, that illustrate exactly what I saw or experienced, vale!


ok, it was apart my common thread…where have I been, aaaa Arrecifes, so the place I was almost am Strand:) überall wuchsen Palmen mit Kokosnüssen, es gab muchos hamacas y aire muy fresco! (finally I could really breath in the right way —- with nose:) und alles allles sah wirklich wie auf einer Postkarte, einfach paradiesisch aus! then suddenly I could see the man I’ve met on the way aca; sooo coool! he asked me, if we could sleep together … uuuuu dangerous, 2 men in the same tent;) I said ,,yeah, why not”; so, he slept with me, it wasn’t tan comodo, porque obwohl das Zelt für 2 Personen konzipiert wurde, könnte man nicht so wirklich bequem schlafen, egal… aber überlebt und Kosten geteilt:=) (die waren auch nicht soooo hoch – 10.000 pro Person – muy barato!)

in the next morning sind wir por supuesto ans Meer gegangen und paar Stunden dort die Zeit verbracht; auf dem Weg dorthin, we couldn’t fall prey to temptation and we picked 2 coconutsI rose some palm and … took my prey;) it was the first time in my life I drunk such bbeautiful bebida tan dulce, usshhh magnifico! next and my last day I spent again on the beach and took a bath in the Sun; BTW: there is no mosquito, at all (as people were warning me, mentirosos!;P

On the Tag la siguiente decidí viajar a Minca (it was one of the places mentioned by some guy I´ve met on the comino in Tayrona ) ; because there were no buses (desde Tayrona hasta Minca  ) I regresé a Santa Marta y cogí un taxi directo a Minca – paid like 6.000 pesos, what was pretty cheap; en taxi conocí un amigo de Francia; estaba viviendo en Minca con su familia muchos años; he told me also, that many travelers are coming acá not only for hiking but, especially because this place some kind of spiritual one; mucha la gente busca in Minca the answer for question – ,,damn, what I am living for and what is my task on the planet Earth”; after hearing that, I thought: ,,yeah, I am on the right place!”; and it was really as he said (BTW: he helped me also to find some place for camping – the place called Casa Loma ; it was amazing hostel, located on the top of mountain; through that I could enjoy 2 the most beautiful red sunsets I ever could see(!) – I’ve met there a lot of young people (like me :)) who were traveling and looking for sense of life since almost 1 year; even one guy from Bombay was there:))  : Minca very small villa en Sierra Nevada with beautiful naturaleza; mit zahlreichen Wanderwegen, caves, wild animals (especially exotic birds); during my hiking tours to many waterfalls (where I could take a refreshing ,,bath” – for free;) or just another hostels, that were offering plenty of ,,relaxing tools” like swimming-pools, parties or  trampolines on the top of mountain (I visited really cool hostel Casa Elemento where I could spend whole my week(!)), … aaa warte mal ich habe meinen roten Faden wieder verloren, achso… auf den Wegen en bosque habe ich the first in my life experienced how all these amazing fruits  that I bought in the store were really growing: I’ve seen trees of mango, papaya, bananas, oranges (I’ve picked some for having lunch:)), avocado, cacao and even pineapple ; (tambien conocí fresa de Colombia, que es más pequenia que de Europa y es super dulce – me gustaba mucho! )it’s really fabulous feeling to know how these fruits are growing – now I am respecting them even more! – they don’t follow from the sky, they are growing on the trees:) ; vale! despues being so close to bosque, mountains and animals (mosquitos included;) I’ve decided to spend my last 2 days relaxing and enjoying sun on the beach; mientras estaba en sexy Minca estuve hablando con amigas, quien entusiasmaron por las playas en Palomino; so, I wasn’t considering much and hit the road to playas en Palomino (pictures) ; I arrived  to small pueblito mit many stands with fruits and veggies – for me it was like a paradise – everything fresh and Fesch;) – Ich wusste sofort dass ich am richtigne Ort gelandet bin; this village was really small – one street: the right side was full of stands, I mentioned; on the left side of the street I could find many entries to playas; pregunté una policía, quien me recomendó una playa para acampar, se llamó: Villa delíá

Mi carpa habe ich direkt auf dem Strand aufgeschlagen; ehhh, it was so relaxing to lay on the beach, taking bath in the sun, letting all problems, reality, job, etc. at home; espléndidos sunsets, sunrises und die Menschen um mich herrum haben den Aufenhalt in Palomino ausgemacht; ademas I have to say the beaches en Palomino were incomparable better (bigger, waves swimming friendly and not so aggressive and staying here was much much cheaper – I could buy mís frutas y verduras en pueblito and bring it to my ,,carpa-room”) with those in Tayrona;); but there is one thing I didn’t like en Tayrona ; despues me levanté todas mís cocas, mí cuerpo (:) ) fueron tan húmedo, como una prostitute at work:) – everything wegen der Brise; but, only one hour later I had sun in my carpa and todo fue bien! 🙂 En Palomino hay un río; acá se puede swim: tienes que tomar una boya (pneumatico) go up on top of the mountain in Palomino ,  lay on the boy and enjoy …

Tubing auf dem Palomino-River ist verdammt entspannend … Sonnenschutz aber nicht vergessen!


so, after being in inolvidable Palomino  – on last day – the worst happened to me … ; namely: mi regreso fue desde Santa Marta, so lógicamente tuve que regresar allí…; I cogía the first best aútobus a Santa Marta, the billete-boy pareció to be trusty (sic!): because my backpack was pretty big I let the  boy pack them hinten in den Kofferraum (und hier war ist mein Fehler gewesen: during that I took my knife to slice my patilla (sandía) and where also my SmartPhone was laying – billete-boy saw the phone – ok, I closed my backpack, took the knife and had my breakfast (the most expensive breakfast ever); el camino a Santa Marta was pretty easy and the views atemberaubend (on the right side of the bus I could see the beauty of the Karibik-Küste!

Despues cerca de 18 horas llegaba a terminal en Bogotá – en este punto tengo que decir, viaje con autobús era para mí como una vía crucis, PERO ..en sumo, TODO való la pena y disfrutaba mucho! Valoro especialmente todos los experiencias (estos males y buenas). After this epic journey I am really scharf auf Reisen und bereits jetzt plane ich die nächste :=) yay!!!

Colombia you are so so beautiful, so sexy!!!



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