raus aus der Komfortzone 1.1 — a Chicaque!

(the trip I am describing, happened before my vacaciones en Tayrona, Palomino, etc. dear reader, I am very sorry for that issue – Ich habe zwar den Beitrag vor meiner Reise angefangen, pero I didn’t accomplish it. Pero ahorita estoy again en Bogotá en can finish mí artículo

I was pretty long caught in my comfort zone, working, spending every Sunday at home and visiting in the afternoon Plaza de Bolívar – con tiempo todo fue demasiado aburrido; porque ahorita tuvimos un fin de semana más larga, I was thinking to take an advantage of that and do some trip; it was Friday or Thursday … hm, I don’t know anymore, wann auch immer; un amigo de mi – Robert (es una persona muy chevere!) hat mich auf die Idee gebracht (obwohl ich einen anderen Plan für das lange Wochenende hatte), dass wir gemeinsam zu einem Park ausser Bogotá fahren, why not… I said! So, we’ve arranged, that we will go there yesterday, i.e on Sunday.  The day before, … ehh, I won’t describe everything in details, otherwise aus einem kleinen Beitrag wird ein Roman and this we ( and I ) don’t want; we arranged our meeting en estacion Terreros-Hospitales C.V ; Cool, finally will get out from Bogotá to see sth. different:), so weit so gut; schon der Weg bis zu der Station war für ich bastante difícil; no sé, que pasó, pero me perdí 3 o 4 vezes en sistema de transmilenio, hmmm actually not im System selbst, but, …. eh, I was convinced that our point of meeting was somewhere else, and that’s why I thought I will be late (2 hours later) ehhh, never mind, … Ich war schon damit abgefunden dass Robert ohne mich dorthin gefahren war. Fehlanzeige! , wie es sich später erweist. Nun, de alguna manera llegé a estacion y … quise tomar un autobus directo a Chicaque (se dijo, que fue un autobus directo), … hm, pude soñar, soñar y soñar… supe, que por la Ciclovia no va hoy… I thought, ,,no me importa”  , so I’ve asked couples of taxi driver how to get there … eh, la gente en Bogotá son tan comedido, ush …ok, so finally (BTW. I’ve learned new palabra ,,la bomba” es una gasolina;)) I’ve arrived the first entrance  of the park …. ush, the view, fresh air was amazing, about 1 hour from Bogotá and the air was incomparable – at this moment I could really breathe!!! I’ve seen a lot if  vacas, caballos y gallinas;)it  could sound wired for u, but since I am here I didn’t see any, … I’ve forgotten even Milka cow;

and went after that for about 2 km to the second entrance, after I bought el ticket, I’ve got to third entrance;) … and the last, right one!

Ush, I felt like in Jumanji or in Jurassic Park; ok, no quiero escribir mucho and see pictures below, – 1000 words won’t say what one image could express 🙂


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eh, how you can see, no tienes que ir thousand kilometers para disfrutar naturaleza; only 1-2 hours and you can breath fresh air, admire wonders of nature and sich von der täglichen Routine erholen!!!

I’ve put some short video I’ve taken… (at that time I still had my SmartPhone and nobody has robbed me;))

Sorry for the quality and breaking the rules of taking appropriate video, … wait, wait …actually I am not sorry for that, its my special video and for me is perfect, as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

@Robert: naprawde schkoda, że cię nie mogła tam być ….


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