city life – Bogotá;)

Again, I had pretty long break in posting … but since I don’t possess mobile anymore I cannot take neither picture nor videos, soooo… but I promise, that I will buy soon new camera (!), so that you will be updated with my existence in this beautiful country; so but what I wanted to say, … hmm, let me think, aaaaa Ich weiß schon, antes me robaron el movíl, tomé algunos videos acá; I would share these with you guys … life in the city shouldn’t be boring und aburrido – there is a lot to look at, a lot to get inspired by;)


I won’t describe it just look at video below …

ush, en Bogotá la gente really loves music!

So wirbt man richtig fürs Tragen von Fahrradhelmen:=)

Los colombianos tienen en verdad una alma musical; despues seeing that, I really got ganas de bailar;)

Please don’t try it at home 🙂



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