seminarios en São Paulo (working) y … big city nights (beyond work:) …

So, as some of you knows I doing my this sexy Grünes Diplom from Goethe Institut – it’s like some art of advanced training for German teachers and Sao Paulo was (and still is) the part of this training. So our (me and 4 mujeres hermosas, quien participaban en seminarios conmigo) journey bagan on 16th of June; los classes duró hasta 19th, BUT para conocer and see a little bit more than only class room, we’ve decided to stay one night more in our wholesome hotel;D

so, like a saw says business before pleasure: nosotros seminarios empezaron cada día a las 9am hasta ca. 5-6pm; we had also one break (bathing in the sun;)

and amazing lunch, … also a loooooooooooooot of fruits;D … this what I needed (thanks for that! a todos y especialmente a Eva, el cocinero y a todos todos;))

estuviumos trabajando con ejercicios del libro Curriculare Vorgaben und Unterrichtsplanung, whatever:) puedo imaginarme, nobody is interested 🙂 ok, … one thing I would like to say, namely; ehhh I’ve forgotten, … aaaa GI  there, me encanta mucho! es super gigante en un alrededores bonitos con un patio interior and con muchos albores within

los profesores in action:

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what about la vida despues los seminarios, hmmmm, … wait, first our hotel; it was really nice!!! with big breakfast buffet (a lot of fruits ready to eat ;D – I didn’t have to peel it like at home: papayas, water melons, pineapples (was lemantablemente from can, but even though – ush! the rest of this fresh amazing fruits – like in abundance)

aparte eso, en hotel tuvimos ein Fitnessstudio mit Sauna (ush, my first experience with that -> I was really sweating, but after taking a shower frio – I felt like neugeborener Zeus!! ) and rooms (2 beds for me WTF?!)

Ok, let’s back to our after-classes-life; so on the first evening we were invited by GI for some great dinner;D (ye ye and there was also buffet with fruits and veggies – NICE!) Look at that:

and mís amigos de maravilla:

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Además, on the last night … or hm, I think it was 2 nights before we left, we were in some neighborhood which reminds me Munich really wholesome: lots of bars, music, bosa nova, people standing around the street singing dancing …. making love 😉 ups, this is too much; en el fondo me sentí como en Alemania;)

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my last excursion with great (!) friends of me:

that’s it! but not everything … what or who surprised me en Sao Paulo… will tell u in the next post;)


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