,,*JOKO will survive and doesn’t die! – das dritte Treffen auf dem lateinamerikanischen Kontinent:)”

… zuerst habe ich das Vergnügen liebe Niki willkommen heißen zu dürfen. After that I was so happy to enjoy couple of days with dear Julianeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and now I could visit dear Maike ❤ They all are my very very best friends from JOKO; we all were living there for a long time; Actually this visitation was pretty by accident; as you know I was doing my Grünes Diplom en Sao Paulo and before I went there I was chatting with my very good friend (also from JOKO) about it; he told me Maika is doing her internship there (!) so I thought yeah! why not to visit her! so, I did it;) It was amazing to see her, to see sb. I was living with for a long time – ehhhhh, the old good days kamen auf;) hablamos sobre momentos inolvidables en nosotros dormitory; one day was too less … we spend pleased time in the Center of Sao Paulo, we were in the biggest fruits, veggies and co. market in the city – Marcado Municipal , we were drinking coconuts-water, eating papayas, persimmons, we were hearing choir-concert (at that night began the week of culture – over the weekend there was a lot of concerts, artists exhibitions, etc. – for FREE;) vale! Creo que, es mejor para ver fotos en lugar de mil palabras;



*JOKO – für all who doesn’t know that. JOKO ist an abbreviation and stand for Johannes-Kolleg. It’s a international dormitory in Munich; it helps ,,foreigners” from the whole of the world make first steps in Germany; it helped me and many many other students to achieve our dreams and better life in ,,West-Countries” of the Europe.; I was living there for a long long time; JOKO means for my a lot; I owe JOKO everything, what and where I am now!!! Unfortunately JOKO suppose to  be took down; students are living there now, are doing everything the can, not let it do! Hopefully administration in Munich will realize, that this dormitory makes big contribution to help many foreign students!!!


One thought on “,,*JOKO will survive and doesn’t die! – das dritte Treffen auf dem lateinamerikanischen Kontinent:)”

  1. […] JOKO – my home, my misery, my first ,,stupid” diets and anorexic issues;), my cry,  my happiness, parties, my struggle, my thoughts, my first ,,world-experience”, my best friends, my family, sisters and brothers and my sweet life!!! But not only my;) ; JOKO the dormitory …. the home for students from from all over the world will now closed ;( how sad, eh, it’s so pathetic;*((((((( I already escribí sobre closing our home … […]


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