the tallest cascada en Colombia – La Chorrera …;=)

one week ago I decided to do una locura and went for working out my legs:) – thousand of squats, lunges, etc. mis piernas fueron muertos; after mí desayuno I was doing more sport in Internet – I was surfing;) and found this beautiful, amazing, magnifico and maravilloso waterfall La Chorrera …the highest one en Colombia!!! 590 meter!!!! and the best thing was, that it was located not so far from Bogotá, so I did my ,,butt”workout (I mean leg workout) for Sunday and hit the road; I went go (of course) by transmilenio hasta calle 6 con con Carrera 13 and then cogí un autobus a Choachi; 

after about 1 hour bajé y fui un camino bastante fácil (at least at the beginning); I met a lot of kind los columbianos, muchos animales (especialmente los perros y muchas vacas;)); los paisajes fueron increible, amazing and himmlisch gleichzeitig; I’ve seen for the first time how los tomates de arbol are growing; mira … (sorry for whole these selfies, but I still need atention;) and somehow I have to extend my ego – just kidding! 😉

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ahhh something I remembered, namely on the way I’ve met the owner/el jefe or I don’t know exactly who was it, but sb. important-his carro  was damaged, we were talking un poco y then somehow we came to topic about food and frutas en Colombia … and by accident I had my cuchillo by me, that he could use and repair his carro, nice, wasn’t it? 🙂 – so remember ten siempre tu cuchillo contigo! anyway, on the camino I could see already my meta (I found sb. who took a picture of me … I know it’s still selfie but hmmm, I think with less ego within ;P

After about 2 hours walking I llegé a una estacion, donde tuve que pagar para entrar el parque – $ 8.000 pesos; the insist also to take un palo – but for what???!!!  in this moment we’ve got some guide who nos acompañó hasta first waterfall El Chiflon; the way hasta dort became worse and worse … (after 100 meters walking I knew for what … now I could valorarlo:

Auf dem Weg encontramos una mascota de Colombia;))))

I had some almuerzo time (los bocadillos won’t never disappoint me – SMILE!)

and we   were constantly approaching approaching approaching unser Ziel! I also met very kind couple Juan (creo que) y his wife … lamentablemente no puedo recordarme su nombre, pero como personas — no los olvido; aaa, was ich auch ned vergesse, war das Schönheitswasser – agua de balleza ( I know, it didn’t work by me .. .but maybe by you – try it out!!!! – really tasty )

And finally, por fin, endlich sind wir angekommen und achieved our meta!

para mi espectacular!


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