random Ausflug afuera de Bogotá

Last weekend we’ve had again una puenta, so el lunes tuvieron freeeeeeeee! yeyeye! Hm, but what soll ich mit der ganzen freien Zeit jetzt tun; El Sonntag me di trabajo, entonces habe ich mich ned gelangweilt. BUT on Monday I really didn’t know what I suppose  to do; I got up at 6am and went for workout 😉 – human brain is most creative early morning;D indeed! I decided to go to, hmm actually I don’t really know where I was; –  más importante fue para mi  just went out from bustling and crowd  Bogotá! … ok! in turn, so: I took super sexy Transmi nach Terminal del Sur ,

dann I had to walk for maybe 10 minutes to Terminal de autobúses, where I could por fin coger un autobus a direction Mesitas; I’ve paid 8.000 pesos and I was surprised how less did it cost :=)

Por fin I could enjoy el viaje…

and admire marvelous Ausblicke;

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during el viaje some el columbiano me dijó we are going downhill de Bogotá (as u know Bogotá was situated on the hill 2600 … closer to the stars 😉 hasta ca. 1600m – so, dadurch wird die Temperatur auch ansteigen – and really it was sooooooooooo hot you couldn’t imagine – over 30 degrees (2 hours de viaje y la diferencia ue tan grande! – imagine!) Aparte eso el me dijó, we are going to see amazing waterfall se llama The Salto de Tequendama; and to be honest –  desafortunadamente the water wasn’t tan clean like in cascada La Chorrerawhere I could drink the water; I had that feeling that, all sucios de Bogotá were deposed here; but anyway I was really enjoying views magnificos:


We were continuing our viaje hasta Bella Vista – it was very small village – muy tranquillo! Actually besides pretty views on west and east to the mountains, los columbianos amables, peaceful atmosphere and a lot of dogs;)  I didn’t find reason to stay there more than our! pero auf jeden Fall lohnt es sich das Dorf zu besichtigen – just do it – like Nike!

I’ve asked some bakerin muy amable if there were some highlights – she me dijó – ich soll nach Mesitas fahren; so, I did so … and what?? nothing;)! el pueblo fue muy bonito, tranquillo and really only para meditate! Then it began to rain and I decided to head back a direction Bogotá;



on my way I could disfrutar beautiful views and mi naturaleza and more…

I could find nothing else … but mís frutas !!!! yeeyeye!! so, it was worth going there – because of temperature tropic fruits could be grown and really – I could see a lot of mangoes, oranges, mandarins, bocadillos, bananos grandes and soursop;) – it’s not wholesome!? mira:

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my sexy lunch:)


Finally I arrived to back to Bella Vista and cogí un autobús a Bogotá;)

On the way I’ve bought some gifts for me – that is my Beute (no lo sé, si pagé mucho o no, pero 12.000 COP, seems to me in Ordnung!)

En general tengo que decir, este random excursión a SantandercitoEl Colegio,  Bella Vista, Mesitas, no fue tan male que pensé, más importante fue a mi fue para ir afuera de zona de confort – y como siempre való la pena


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