Picnic al parque

some random excursion en Bogotá for having so called ,,picnic al parque” with another so called ,,plant eaters” …. was lamentablemente (love that word;)) una Katastrophe (I exaggerate of course – as usual;); I’ve got this sexy insider information about picnic from very good friend of mine;  this event supposed to take place en el parque de los novios; I was very often  in this area but I’ve never came over;  so I went there and las chicas me dijeron, I should have called first … so that the could have preprepared enough food;  so, here enden my ,,picnic adventure”; but what I have recognized was, that wholesome family flair in this parque; many families with their children, relatives, etc. having bbq, playing and having fun; a lot of los enamorados waren auch da – maybe that is why it calls ,,paruqe de los novios;)” I was really enjoying looking at the people there … this park is pretty idea buena para escape city-reality;)

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on the way back I have met (again – they are everywhere) this nice old couple dancing – I couldn’t resist and grabé some short vid;)


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