La Vega or doch La(s) Vega(s)

it was on long weekend en Bogotá (actually yesterday) as I decided to go somewhere else than to Paloquemao , buy fruits for the week and come back … no! I wanted ver más que Transmilenio; because I’ve already seen a lot of places around Bogotá, so my range of possibilities  will becoming smaller and smaller but sin embargo encontré un lugar / un pueblo que való la pena visitar; más tarde realizé, que hubiera debido quedarme allá para pasar un noche; pero lento y step by step … first I’ve read that the journey to La Vega would take about an hour; so, ich habe mir gedacht: ,,super, der Ort eignes sich wunderbar für einen Tag … Fehlanzeige! No chance! already the way in Transmilenio took about an hour hasta Portal de la 80; from there I took un colectivo a La Vega ; everything was straightforward!


BUT … because of trancon the trip took 2 hours; entendí que todo la gente quiera pasar un tiempo libre maravilloso en pueblo magnifico, pero porque recién ahora hoy??!!!:) nun, egal, doesn’t matter, no es tan importa – más importante es, llegé y … really the weather was so beautiful (hot like in the microwave) – that is why Tierra Caliente, the atmosphere was sooo calm, peaceful … just idyllic! that is why afterwards I’ve regretted that I didn’t took more money to overnight there ehh, Marcin du estas bastante tonto:), but next time … but all poco experiencia I’ve got there devolvó todos mís odiosidades… por ejemplo mi Beute, my bag that I’ve hunted, look at that … is beautiful isn’t it? los bocadillos rocks! Aparte eso, I’ve got some as a gift, yoopi!! and besides of that ….  everywhere, there were so many mangoes lying  on the road, just to take – like ,,fast food” 😀 guanabana, mangoes de azucar, oranges, lemonons, papayas … and noni!!!!!! 🙂 like manzanas en Europa

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but what about el pueblo?? ushhhh, fue hermoso!! I wish I’ve planed my trip better .. just para pasar un noche there seria suficiente … for I could visit for example to Laguna el Tabacal, or just take a bath in swimming pool of some hotel for only $8.000 COP, ehhh but next time:) una otra cosa: as I llegé there was some festival of folklore, so that I could enjoy a bit of that as well; many mercados de frutas, people enjoying their time with families, children playing having fun , just as I said … idyllic!

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Lunch and chilaxing time!!!

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and some videos:)



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