… cuidate en Bogota!



lamentablemente this time I won’t write anything about journey but about some asalto that encountered a mi again:(  (BTW: 3rd time)

Estoy viviendo por acá un año y 4 meses … y hasta este día mala no pasó nada peor respecto a Gewalt; it was on 16th Monday this beautiful long weekend we … los Columbianos (y extranjeros) waiting for; I’ve spent my free day in Parque Bolívar para disfrutar la naturaleza y para observar la gente having fun; on that day tambien tuve lugar un evento de Hip-Hop o Rap … no lo sé; en cualquier caso entrada fue libra;D there were a lots of policemen, so I thought I will be save … Sin embargo I couldn’t get in because of my Ausweis … I haven’t with me, so I went to mi casa; so, I was walking a la direcction de montaña hasta Carrera 30, dondé esta Estadion El Campin; and then it happened; group of 5 persons walked round me, led me into wall …and robbed everything I had; two of them were holding me on my arms, another guy was threatening me with his knife … or I didn’t know what he pretended to do  … to thrust me??!! ehh, another to got my glasses ; I couldn’t see anything,;/ ehh I was so shocked, I didn’t know what I supposed to do during that … maybe I was better that I didn’t do nothing; so my big maleta for trips, my camera, $100.000 COP, Spanish books, dictionary  and… 2 kg of bananas were gone ;( I got some bruises and my T-Shirt was torn; I was lucky that I got off lightly … and I am still living; se llama die Zeit heilt die Wunden; but even though I have still traumas and sometimes I am thinking what I have should done …. the funniest thing was, that 10 meters from the assault 2 policemen were standing and didn’t react, soo sad! after that I reported that and they went for looking for them ; I was talking to friends of mine – they told me that, policemen generally don’t have any interests on what have happened and after 3 minutes they have forgotten what I told to them, soooo sad! I trusted la gente en Colombia pero ahora, no lo sé ….. ;( I am paying more more attention … however I still love Colombia and nothing will let me get off from here!!!

Lesson learned: don’t wear bright clothes, don’t go near to big events (concerts, etc…) which are for free, keep going on sidewalk but at the outside (far away from the wall)  and let your valuables stuff, IDs, etc at home!



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