3 weeks, 3 countries and memorias inolvidables

I’ve just (actually one week ago) come back from my vacations … amazing time, moments that I won’t forget, incredible inspiring people on my journey, the dogs on the road and much much more….are over! But it doesn’t mean I cannot repeat it;) so I am motivating myself with thoughts of next journey, I got my drift right:) ?

But now let’s start our sexy routine, which I love! 🙂

I wrote some experiences down and put a lot of pictures; if you are interested in it, just take a look at the menu above ,,Peru/Bolivia/Chile” (sorry for all selfies I’ve done, normally I am trying to avoid this but this time, hmmm, just ,,se la vie”); enjoy the route:


Bogota->Lima->Cusco->Aguas Calientes(Machu Piccchu)-> Puno->Titicaca->Copacabana->La Paz->Oruro->Sucre->Potosi->Uyuni->San Pedro de Atacama->(Calama,Arica,Tacna)->Arequipa->Nazca->Ica(Huacachina)->Paracas->Lima->Bogota


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