I am back!!!

Unfortunately I wasn’t blog-active last couple of months. Of course nothing can apologize me … And I won’t apologize myself neither. Wenn ich sagen würde dass ich keine Zeit dafür hatte, hätte ich gelogen. Deswegen sage ich lieber nichts … aber wer nichts sagt lügt doch:) Ok, to be honest with you girls (or guys, or just infinite beings) I am suffering from Krankheit, die procrastination  heißt. But as you can realize something has happened. I’ve broken my procrastination circle  and started blogging again. Yoopie!

Außerdem versuche ich mein aim im Leben zu finden – ich lese books about Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Selbstfindung because I … really really I feel lost! I don’t know what or better said who I am, what I am here for? It’s my life the right thing I am doing…I don’t think so – I missed my passion, but already looking for new one;) I really hope that my books will help me … ups, sorry I’ve lost golden thread. I really didn’t want to bore you. Langer Rede kurzer Sinn – I am back and this is most important … for me!


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