Pachamama … how to connect to mother nature en Bogotá on Sunday

(all epic pictures you will find on my Facebook page: hybridizedbeing)
Many of us (so do I) are complaining all day long about pollution in the city we are living in, about negative people surrounding us, about same old rut, about cat on the road (sorry Nubia, that is just an example); but this is our choice, why we are absorbing this negative energy of people we are dealing with; change it! everything we are experiencing is OUR choice; if you are sick or unhappy – it’s your bad – don’t place a duty on people; they are not here to be your patsy and you are not here to please them; if you don’t like the air in your city, change the place you are living in or (temporary) organize an excursion to the mother nature were you could breath – many opportunities are open to you ; I have been living in Bogotá for about two years and I haven’t recognized…that I have had nature paradise under my nose; after long week in polluted city it’s about time to leave vacuum (introduction was pretty long, but I had to say it, whatever!) so, I got off with coolest hiking group I’ve ever met EcoHills ;

we’ve started our journey pretty ,,late” (at 7am) – as usual our gathering place was a ,,petrol station”,  from where we were ,,delivered” to the entrance of reserva ecologica los delirios – it didn’t take more than hour by bus – because the uphill way was sooooo steep, we had to get off the bus and go the rest of the way by foot (on the way up we were convoyed by the police – I couldn’t understand ,,why?”); already before entrance I’ve felt like in the Gandalf’s world … amazing:

even closed gate couldn’t stop us;)

so, before our hike has started warm-up was called for:

(hm, I feel my descriptions are damn detailed – it’s not the 4th part of Lotr – let keep it simple … true to the motto: Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication)so, after warm-up we’ve begun to ,,climb” the mountain; the route up was astonishing – not only because of breath-taking views on the city but also because of nature we could experience; the coolest thing was, that on the way up, we could admire the point of transition to Paramo (so amazing to see Frailejón from one side and lirios on another side); meeting nature is a great opportunity to forget your daily worries, problems and be with yourself – many of us cannot deal with our-self, we need permanently somebody talk to, something that will distract us, handy, FB, etc. I challenge you to be with yourself for 5 minutes, trying to think about nothing – connect with Pachamama and free your mind…ush, it became philosophic;)

on the top we could appreciate our earned picnic – as usual> ,,share your food and enjoy the feast”

again new acquaintances, new experiences, new ideas, new myself or better myself…

some impressions from the route


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