Arequipa – Cartagena de Peru!

…eh, the journey was long and exhausting – but rewarded by views and jummy nisperos  I arrived to  Arequipa  (the name is similar to Colombian arequipe – maybe because the city is sooo sweet too?;) early morning, so that I had time to get first impression from the city – to do that, what I did? – of course I spotted sexy mirador,…

I have to say it was THE town I fell  from first moment in love with; it’s very similar to Sucre – clean, calm, safe! – just look at la plaza central – hermoso!!! I think I just love colonial style…

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Cerca de Arequipa hay dos cañones: del Colca y Cotahuasi – the second one was thought for longer trips, so I did the tour (against my principle not to do any tour – because of lack of time and laziness 😉 to Colca cañon! – the tour began at 3am; I was picked up from my hostel and we struck off; our guide was really cool – he was trying to have personal contact with everyone (calling us by name, speaking German and Polish – at least he was trying;) – very factful; the Cañon itself was impressive! – we met condors and tried colca sauer – jugo made from some cactus fruit (taste of lemon with kiwi – veeeeery sauer, brrrr)

I don’t want to judge the idea of having tours – I like challenges and tours are for me effortless, like -> get in/get out take picture and go home -> you cannot experience much; BUT good thing is, that you are knowing a lot of nice people, for example Bill from Toronto, Alex from US, … it’s really cool to met someone;)

Moreover we could see Vacuñas some relatives to Llamas, beautiful oases, we had a bath in nature terms;D, and much more (see photos below); the day I finished  buying ticket and admiring sunset!

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Arequipa at night and in on the early morning is even more beautiful check this out….

on the next day I decided to enjoy waves of pacific ocean … so I’ve bought the ticket to Pisco but before that …

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