City of Peace? … La Paz mmmm

hI arrived in La Paz (in the night) I checked in … of course in Loki Hostel; to get some feeling of the city I looked for some mirador – and? I found some – it called Kalli Kalli – it wasn’t that hight but you could still see the beauty of the highest capital in the world (3,650 m above see level); the next thing to do  was visiting Valle de la luna  ; it looked really like on the moon;) one thing (besides of not smoking) got my attention – in Bolivia there are .. I don’t know but for sure at least for every 100 meters you will find some servicios higenicos – baños are everywhere – at least people don’t pee on the street;)

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Actually I don’t like big cities (that’s why I am living in Bogota;P ), I am fan of nature, nature in small towns like ….. Sucre  so I got the ticket and hit the road;)



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