Copacabana de Bolivia

Copacabana is like Puno, the city located on the shore of Titicaca; the small and cute city is (for me) more beautiful than Puno; on the first day there I’ve visited Isla de Sol  ; as I said before, I hate organized tours – so, I went on my own 17km to the small village Yampupata (the long distance rewarded by views maravillosos and …. fruits) from where I hired a boat to the island (he wanted 100 soles, after 10 minutes talk about the life – he agreed on 20soles ); I was impressed of the pureness of the water – so clear, so fresh – u could see every stone and fish in the water; the Island itself was incredible – pure nature, calmness and …. the Sun, so strong that after 1 hour I looked like a shrimp asado! – I’ve wandered at large – accompanying by un burrito y perrito;) my plan was to overnight there BUT … after I got to know the prices there (30-40USD per night, although in the north of the Island they suppose to be much cheaper ) I changed my decision and run from North to South of the Island to get the last boat (at 4pm) to Copacabana – yeah I made it!

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to get to know Copacabana better, I’ve stayed one night more there; I visited un Mirador where I could see beautiful views over the city from; afterwards I went to so called Horca del Inca Pachataka (pretty cool but until now I couldn’t recognize Horca there) – entrance cost me 10 BS; at the end of the day I was walking around on the main square – I recognized 2 things los Bolivianos are eating a lot of giant sweeted popcorn and they don’t smoke!!! (instead of it – they chewing a lot of coca leafs – still amazing for me!)

After lunch I was considering idea to get to La Paz on the same day … after many of pros and contras I got the ticket to the highest city of peace in the world … La Paz

Arriving there I experienced teleferico – (sorry Bogota and TranMilenion, La Paz has significantly better solution for transportation:=)

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