Country of Lama and musica andina

Por fin mís vacaciones se empezaron – so many experiences bonitas, so many people met, so many unforgeable moments – there is no money you could have paid for it! (actually mientras estoy escribiendo this article they se acabaron – pero mi experiencia se conservó) – este año quise visitar first of all Machu Picchu and Uyuni … as you will see my plans changed but first you can tune to Peru by Musica Andina ; this kind of music you could hear in every places – I like it! Also, ich werde nicht darüber schreiben, wie der Flug war oder wie viele Sockenpaare ich mitgenommen hab; BTW: my Rucksack was pretty light only 3,4kg ; 2 T-Shirts, 2 socks … and the rest were Bananas;P

Time to go>

So, I came to Lime at night – my plan was to check-in in a hostel; la gente en Flughafen haben mir davon abgeraten – es sei gefährlich;  en este caso I would like to get a taxi – but for $40???!!! they are kidding – outside I met some guy from Toronto (I think his name was Richard:) so we share the taxi for 40 soles (20 each – as we recognized later the price was in common to pay) – we have arrived in the hostel Loki Hostel (after 5 nights – they have apartments in Cusco and La Paz as well- one you will get for free and after visiting this 3 hostels   you are going to get T-Shirt, so it is your decision where you are overnighting) Ok, I think I describing to many details let’s go to the point … the Lima itself has a lot to offer but (only thing that I done was enjoying the sun and waves on the beach of stones), big cities are overwhelming me, so after one night I left the capital of Peru and headed to Cusco – with Cruz del Sur it’s possible – I was feeling like on the airplane;

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