Paracas from Quechua ,,Sand rain”…

… from Ica unfortunately there are no direct buses to Paracas – so, I thought I go there on foot (there are only 11 km from the junction Pisco and Paracas) – I was going maybe 15 minutes, when some kind couple stopped and took me to Paracas; This National Reserve is amazing place to relax, admiring nature, incredible sunsets, trekking and more …

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on the next day I went to Islas Ballestas  where you can see penguins, sea lions, seagulls and of course sunsets inolvidables … just look at that beauties!!!

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the second part of the day I spent on the bike exploring gorgeous Reserve de Paracas; the views, sunset and beaches were incredible (the water soo clean you could drink it … if you had a salt deficiency;) so, I grabbed the bike, watermelon, bananas and hit the road!

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unfortunately nothing lasts forever and there is the time to come back and today was the time to get back to the reality .. or maybe my travel was the reality?? I am feeling so sad …eh, but memories I will keep forever



steps back to reality


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