Paradisaic lagoon in nowhere …

… after seeing Nazca lines I’ve continued to Ica, from where I could go (are only ~5km) to Huacachina – beautiful lagoon (called ,,oasis of America”) in the middle of nowhere where sun and sand constituting everything there; the main attraction is exploring dunes by sand buggy rides or having fun on sand-boards; moreover, you can also swim in the lagoon – I’ve tried it out – the water is super warm … and pretty smelly;) at the lagoon I met Pablo from Argentina, who have been exploring  South America for a long time – he quit the job and is traveling now (I like his idea – earn money and travel, work again and travel again -> repeat until death! -> diese Idee werde ich auch in mein Leben einsetzen!)

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On the same day (ush, so many inputs on one day;) I headed to Paracas … (see Peru->Paracas)


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