Peace puro! – Machu Picchu

(there is a lot of pics … please wait for a moment:)

We’ve booked colectivos early morning  from Cusco hasta Hidroelectrica – this is small lugar before Aguas Calientes (I didn’t want to do this standard tour by bus and then for 40 USD by train to Aguas Calientes – like pay and you will get it – I love challenges and doing stuff on my own) – so as I said, we’ve arrived after (~5 hours) to Hidroelectrica; amazing scenery hat uns den langen Weg verkürzt:

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from there we went on foot to Aguas Calientes (the way was veeery straightforward) following rails; – beautiful views, nature, singing birds and meeting la gente with same aims rewarded long 2 hours caminata:)

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Llegé en Aguas Calientes bastante tarde – pero sin embargo, I managed to find some hostel (my plan in new lugar was siempre to as where is mercado de frutas y verduras – there was some as well, but unfortunately pretty expensive – en verdad todas las frutas en Peru fueron mas caro, que in Colombia:) for 20 soles per night  (the price was not bad – second night I got for 15 soles – Polak potrafi! ) a propos Polak – in the dorm I’ve met my countryman (Piotrek se llama – I think he was about 4 years traveling – he told me a lot of inspirational stuff about travels, we were dreaming about Poland and how nice it would be, to be in PL now, ehhh – really cool parcero)

So, it was time to climb the MP – we’ve got up at 5am and headed the stairs (Piotrek has the same way of thinking as me en respecto a  organized tours – so we didn’t go by bus, but we went up the stairs – twice – first till station where we could buy the tickets – BTW. it’s sooooo cool to have Cedula – because Colombia belongs to Andean Community and I am living in Colombia I had to pay only half of the price 😀 – 80 soles )  I had to say it was pretty tough – next day I couldn’t do my stuff on the toilet! We achieved the pick of the MP as first – yeah! – everything within 50 minutes! The beauty of the place, calmness and high vibration … rewarded every pain and muscle soreness …even if we couldn’t see (because of clouds and rainy weather) that clear  ruins of Inca;

After MP I couldn’t resist it, and went up to Temple of the Sun …. hoping to find the sun there – I love rainy weather;)

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I came back to Aguas Calientes and on the next day I was on way back to Hidroelectrica (I shared a taxi with 2  chicas muy amables- ,,thanks for cacao beans!” )  from where to Cusco;

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as I arrived in Cusco on the night I went to the market of fruits; there I met one couple from Poland, who were traveling for years; ehh it was such a nice home feeling!!! on the next early morning I’ve visited Secret Valley of the Incas (I can really recommend it!)

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