Puno & Lago Titicaca

… it was my last night in Cusco; I pack my rucksack and hit the road to Puno (I had a lot of luck – going in direction to the terminal of buses, I stopped the bus to Puno and because of lack of seats I might sit in the cabin with the driver, like copilot;P, for only 30 soles)  located on the shore of Titicaca;  un lago, donde hay fuego del sol con frio polar; as you know this is the highest lake in the world; therefore sun rays are so strong, that within 5 minutes in the sun you are going to get burnt (I’ve experienced it on my own skin, literally); still on the same day I booked the ride to Islas Flotantes de los Uros it’s really incredible that people can live there; on the boat I’ve met chicas ricas  de Argentina – my next trip will be 4 sure to Argentina;)

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after las Islas Flotantes I’ve continued discovering of Puno; and to be honest the city itself doesn’t have that much to offer – besides of mirador Puna Uta and beautiful view over the city … I could see more outside the Puno – for example Sillustani and Chullpas (tombs) with amazing views over land and the lake; on that day I also went to Bolivia – first couple of hours ride to Yunguyo to pass the border and then straightforward to Copacabana:D

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