San Pedro de Atacama – dryness pure!

… so, I’ve got a ticket to San Pedro de Atacama  – unfortunately there you won’t find direct bus from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama – first you have to go Avaroa (the border with Chile – quite high 3,970 m.s.n.m) then to Calama, from where you can get ticket to San Pedro de Atacama (pretty complicated but possible);

I was going through the night (normally I hate traveling at night, because I cannot fall asleep) but this time the moment when sun arise rewarded everything!!!

apropos border –  I have never  experienced such a rigorous control of our luggage: we should have put our luggage in the line and have sit in front of it, during some (cute) dog was snuffing for … hm, I don’t know for what – probably for a drugs, coca leafs, … or bananas! after that every baggage was checked personal by policewomen (damn, this time I didn’t want to smuggle  bananas!) Anyway it was for me the first time to be sooooo screened! what else…? hm, the landscape in Atacama could be describe with one word – dryness, dryness and dryness (sorry it was 3 words … but the same;) it’s really like on the moon or Mars (now I know where NASA took the picture from;)

Moreover I cannot stress enough how barren it is – you are breathing somehow but the air you inhale is burning your lunges;  after couple of hours I finally came in to Calama; it was veeeeeeery difficult to get the ticket on that day (it was on 31.12.2015) but somehow I’ve asked kind cashier to sell me ticket for ,,standing seat”;) and I made it – yoopi! In San Pedro de Atacama first persons I’ve met were Korean girls I got to know on Isla del Sol in Copacabana – incredible the world is really small – 7 billion people and exactly on that place (it was main square), at the same time … ehh – Synchronicity – Carl Jung hatte recht!

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In San Pedro de Atacama there are two thing that have to be done – Pukara de Quitor, Valle de la Muerte and Valle de la Luna ; on the next morning I rented the bike and hit the road to explore the miradors and  the moon; on the mirador I’ve met 2 nice German girls (it’s so cool after 2 weeks again to talk German;) ….after my sexy breakfast, I went to Catarpe Valley (Tunel Altos,Capilla de San Isidro – see photos); Valle de La Muerte was for me not what I expected – actually you can do only one thing there -> sandbording – leider, I wasn’t in the mood to do it – especially that I was burnt twice or three times; so I ate my Chilean grapes and hit the road to Valle de la Luna; it was reeeelly hard; dryness, wind and Sun fried me deep – but it was worth of it (see photos); but the most rewarding was the end of the day – the sunset in Valle de la Luna – really impresionante!

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Entonces, after my juices were depleted I started back; I’ve bought the to Arica (city near to Peru’s  border) , the to Tacna from where I could get to Arequipa:)

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