Sucre – the white city of Bolivia

Sucre  is a small town in south-middle of Bolivia, that was the first capital of Bolivia; what got my attention was again sense of peace; what else: hmm, first of all the people – they were happier, some levels kinder (don’t judge me, it’s my experience;), they were doing a lot of sport, the city itself was much much cleaner that wherever in Bolivia I’ve experienced … is it because of sun? nobody knows …second thing was the architecture similar to that in Cartagena …ok, I don’t want repeat la señora wikipedia; after 15 or so hours I’ve arrived at 4am in Sucre; as usually the first thing in a new city was to spot some mirador – yeah and I’ve founded it! after that I’ve visited imposed amazing ,,green” Cementerio General (see pics); aparte eso, in Sucre I could find Parque Bolivar (same name in Bogota;)  with small copy of Tower Eiffel – pretty cool; the abundance of fruits, which I couldn’t find in any other places in Bolivia, here has overwhelmed me!!! all day walking around, enjoining nature in the town and taking sunbath I finished buying ticket to my next destination – Potosi;

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