Uyuni and salt flat …

…the one of the Bolivian’s  highlight is the largest salt flat in the world and Uyuni act as a gateway to it; Uyuni is a small and ,,hot” town with many street markets … it’s really enjoyable to walking around and observing people; I was struggling a lot with thoughts to buy or not to buy a one-day tour (against my principles) but because there is no other way to get to salt flat like with some tour – I’ve bought it (150 BS); in the town I met Karolina from Poland – she was doing similar tour but for 3 days (I’ve met her many times after – it’s a sign of synchronicity ); so, on the next morning me and 5 others guys (2 girls … again from Argentina;) did the tour; first we’ve seen the Train Cemetery and then the Fish Island (entrance for 30 BS)  with many cacti; when I came back I met again the girls from the tour to salt flat – we were talking and chillaxing; but then suddenly the girl I’ve met in Aguas Calientes rose up  – it’s so incredible to met people again and again after – there are 7 billion people and exactly on that place, at the same time – Synchronicity works very well señor Carl Jung!

still on the same day I hit the road to Chile, what I actually didn’t plan … but I thought that it will be more interesting to go back through Chile and not taking the same route in Bolivia, so …

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